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Keeping Your Employees’ Productivity at Optimum Level
When one of your workers is injured, his or her productivity may decline. Aside from this, you may find yourself incurring workers’ compensation costs. At ONSITE Therapy Solutions, we help you get successful treatments for your staff and start initiatives that prevent injury and promote wellness as well.

Established in 2001, our company has been offering comprehensive treatment as well as services that focus on functional ergonomics, prevention, and wellness.

ONSITE and Clinic Services

Our services are divided into two categories: ONSITE and Clinic Services. The former focuses on treatment of injuries, as well as reviewing the ergonomics of your workplace. Meanwhile, clinic services focus on physical therapy and work skills assessment.

ONSITE Services
To make it easy for you to get the physical and occupational therapy your staff needs on any shift, ONSITE Therapy Solutions directly visits your businesses.

That way, you can have your employees get the treatment they need without going through the trouble of leaving work. This also helps our therapist develop job specific treatment services.

Services Provided at Work
DIRECT Early Symptom Intervention
Ergonomic Review/Training
Job Coaching
Job Task Analysis
Office Ergonomics
Stretching and Strengthening Programs
Treatment for Non-Work-Related Injuries
Treatment for Work-Related Injuries
Work Skills Assessment
Workstation Analysis

The D.I.R.E.C.T. program is an early intervention program that helps identify the root cause and correct an employee’s concern before their issue results in a claim. This is done through worksite review, symptom control education, and ergonomic improvement. Upon resolution of an employees concern, a wellness program may be initiated to further prevent the concern from occurring again. This program has resulted in tremendous cost avoidance and a ROI of 146%!

Clinic Services
To enable us to provide the highest level of care possible, ONSITE Therapy Solutions has several clinics, which your staff can visit when they’re in need of treatment.

We also welcome your prospective employees to let you check if they’re physically fit to work for your company.

Functional and Treatment Services
Knowing that the treatment of injuries is an urgent matter, we start treatment within 24 to 48 hours after your call! Our staff will handle all treatment approvals without delay in care.

Scope of Services
Physical and Occupational Therapy Treatment
Take advantage of customized treatment programs that focus on getting the injured person moving and controlling their symptoms. Educational and practical, these programs allow patients to return to pre-injury status and also prevent them from incurring another injury. In addition to regular PT/OT treatment, we provide work conditioning, work hardening and FCE evaluation.

Work Skills Assessment
These fully customized exams help a physician determine if a candidate is able to meet the physical demands of a job.

Beverly Clinic
500 Cummings Center, Suite 4350
Beverly, MA 01915

Worcester Clinic
255 Park Avenue, Suite 400
Worcester, MA 01609

Newton Clinic
55 Chapel Street, Suite B3
Newton, MA 02458

Framingham Clinic
160 Speen Street, Suite 206
Framingham, MA 01702

Marlborough Clinic
65 Boston Post Road West, Suite 210
Marlborough, MA 01752