About Us

We specialize in maintaining the wellness of American workers and in providing physical and occupational therapy for people with work- and non-work-related injuries. In most cases, ONSITE will provide services within 24 to 48 hours of your request! There is no other company that can match this level of service!

With expert members on staff, we have the experience and capabilities to assist businesses in maintaining employee productivity and reduce potential injury costs. Our staff has an average of 10 years of experience in this field.

Our Philosophy
Traditional, passive clinical therapy programs make employees dependent on their care. As an effect, they become reliant on their therapists to manage their symptoms. In addition, many traditional clinicians focus on the injured body part.

ONSITE Therapy Solutions treats the injured body part but optimizes total body function to minimize future symptoms or even injury. This allows us to develop real return-to-work plans and treatments that will help employees gradually and safely return to their pre-injury status.

Following this philosophy, we maintain high customer satisfaction while yielding 97% return to work clinical outcomes. Additionally, we’ve helped companies lower Workers’ Compensation costs and OSHA incident rates by as much as half after six months of signing up for our prevention and wellness program.

Mission Statement
Our company’s role is to provide upfront medical treatment and to improve medical communication. This involves assisting employers with return to work planning and working with supervisors with regards to the health services their people require.

Additionally, we provide care for all employees on all shifts to make sure that everyone is given the medical attention they need.

While all of these are done to assist workers who have incurred injuries, we also reinforce current prevention programs. We investigate the root causes of injuries and provide recommendations that keep similar accidents from happening to other workers.

We offer all of these services because we aim to help businesses maintain productivity by keeping employees fit to work. Contact any of our offices to learn more about what we can do for your company.